Who We Are

Our Training

Central to our commitment to delivering top quality customer service, high levels of professionalism and service standards that are 2nd to none; is our focus on training opportunities for our team. We ensure that we remain up to date with all information relating to legislative and regulatory developments, we implement best practice by learning from industry leading practitioners and promote continual personal and professional development within our team. As an organisation we embrace the use of apprenticeships and have colleagues completing courses from levels 2 through to 7 covering subjects ranging from social housing management to advanced leadership. We ensure that everyone who works alongside customers is fully versed in safeguarding protocols and are trained in emergency first aid, the use of naloxone and is trained to the latest thinking on substance and alcohol use.

Our Values

The dictionary definition of a value is; “The importance, worth or usefulness of something; A principle or standard, such as behaviour, that is considered important or desirable”

Here at New Walk CIC we value inclusion, commitment and transparency.

By including our service users in initiatives this allows them to contribute to the solution and allows New Walk to provide a holistic service delivery. Having an inclusive approach allows you to empower people to control their own journey.

It is our aim to include, protect and provide the best service possible to our client group and we firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance. We have a committed team who work hard everyday in order to try and achieve this and give everyone the chance they deserve.

Our standards are set out by an extensive set of Policies and Procedures to ensure we adhere to best practice. We value our open door approach and we are always willing to discuss new approaches that will improve service delivery and support our service users in any way.


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